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Italy is a great country full of history and culture that amazes the world. Italy is located in Southern Europe, on the Italian Peninsula and it’s bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, which hosts two Italian Islands: Sardinia and Sicily. Italy is a country full of beauty, art and fashion, all these are mixed to give Italy a magic atmosphere and to captivate tourist from every corner of the world.

Discovering Italy can be a pleasant and unforgettable experience, each corner of this beautiful country will take you back in time to ancient times and you will recognize its great development till nowadays. Italy offers unbeatable touristic destinations such as: Florence and its artistic productions and fashion, Rome, the capital city known as the eternal city, Venice, the romantic city built under water, Verona, an imposing city setting of the drama "Romeo and Juliet", and Milan, the most fashionable city in Italy.
Italy has countless places to visit and enjoy: firstly The Leaning Tower of Pisa or Torre pendent di Pisa in Italian, which is situated in Piazza dei Miracoli, the Tower was built under Romanesque style and it started to lean from its construction; it’s a symbol of Italy and its attractions.

However, the Leaning Tower is not a unique highlight in Italy; Rome, the capital of Italy, has many attractions and tours for all the family and great places to stay at such as the Rome Apartments scattered around the city; The museums in Rome and The Piazzas are some of the most interesting places in Italy, because most of the major artists, representatives of ancient times, were born in Italy and Rome conserves their artworks at the many museums, churches and even piazzas some of these places are: Saint Peter’s Square and Basilica, Castel Sant' Angelo, Piazza Navona and the Fountin of Four Rivers, Santa Maria del Popolo and Piazza del Popolo and The Pantheon among other places.

Find in this Italy Travel Guide, the most reliable information about Italy and its stunning highlights, places to explore and visit, see photos, learn useful tips, and much more and let us help you plan your trip to this country in advance. You must consider that a trip to Italy is not only about culture, art, history, paintings and museums but about the exclusive restaurants, pizzerias, caffes, and a vibrant nightlife made up by clubs, bars, pubs; and don’t forget about fashion.

Besides all the attractions, nature has a special place in every trip to Italy; the amazing panoramic natural resources and landscapes such as: The Alps in the North, The Bay of Naples and Mt. Vesuvius are some of the most famous views. If you’re planning to visit Italy you must check all details in advance such as the Car Hire Italy that will allow you to go around the city and decide by yourself, where to stay and how much time to spend at each place without pressures; check the place where you’ll stay such as hotels, B&B´s, Rome apartments and others.


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